Our Services

Corporate law
We work in all areas of domestic and cross-border corporate law, including joint ventures, shareholder matters, corporate governance and more. Our team has built years of experience in a wide range of industries.

Our commitment to developing close, long-term relationships with our clients means that we learn the ins and outs of their companies and are able to take a personalized approach to each one of their projects. No matter what the task, we bring deep legal knowledge, creativity and discretion to the table.

We also pride ourselves on the transparency of our processes. Each client receives a user ID and password for our project management software, so they can check on the progress of their projects at any time.

Intellectual property law
Because most corporate transactions include an intellectual property component, we have built a team of attorneys who have specialized IP knowledge. They not only have comprehensive knowledge of how IP issues affect contracts, but they also have a deep understanding of the many nuances of IP law.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016, MPMLEGAL was named Italy’s Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year by Acquisition Finance magazine (ACQ5), a leading news site for mergers and acquisitions.

International law
MPMLEGAL works closely with clients to identify and mitigate the risks that can arise when companies operate across national borders. We represent our client companies in:
• Outbound transactions, in which a U.S.–based corporation has income and/or activities in other countries. These activities might include mergers and acquisitions; the establishment of manufacturing plants; and licensing agreements.
• Inbound transactions for foreign corporations doing business in the U.S.
• Representing companies in projects such as strategic alliances or joint ventures.

We also help companies organize and conduct their operations wherever they are located, including financing; structuring taxes; repatriating earnings; and dealing with government at all levels.

In 2015, MPMLEGAL received the Excellence in International Business Law — Italy Award from Corporate LiveWire.

Labor law
Our work in labor law focuses on corporate clients and their employees, supporting both in all phases of the employment relationship: before hiring, during employment and after. We also counsel our clients on issues of labor cost and on labor issues that can arise during corporate restructuring.

For more than 10 years, we have worked closely with one of Italy’s leading trade unions, and have subsequently expanded our practice to assist workers and sales agents.

Mergers and acquisitions
The MPMLEGAL team advises the leaders of public and private corporations on all types of merger, acquisition and takeover transactions, including those that bring extra complexity because they are occurring across national borders. We provide counseling on the purchase and sale of companies; takeover readiness; disclosures; regulatory compliance; internal investigations; pre-sale and post-sale restructuring and more.

MPMLEGAL has been recognized for its mergers and acquisitions expertise by Acquisition Finance magazine (ACQ5), a leading news site for mergers and acquisitions. In 2015, MPMLEGAL principal Marco Mastracci received an ACQ5 M&A Lawyer of the Year award, and in 2016 MPMLEGAL received ACQ5’s M&A Law Firm of the Year in Italy award.

We represent corporate clients and financial institutions in a broad range of commercial suits, including the following:

• Commercial litigation
• Antitrust litigation
• Patent litigation
• Trademark, copyright and false advertising litigation
• Global cybersecurity and privacy
• Employment and labor litigation

Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who are also prepared to take cases all the way to verdict when necessary. The MPMLEGAL team handles cases that range from business torts to breach of contract to investor disputes and more. And our network of multidisciplinary global consultants assists us in conducting investigations, analyzing damages, recovering assets and developing effective trial strategies.

Bankruptcy and corporate reorganization
Bankruptcy law varies widely from country to country and can create complex challenges for companies that need to reorganize their operations. MPMLEGAL’s attorneys stay up to date on the constantly evolving laws and regulations governing bankruptcy, and are skilled in developing innovative strategies for shepherding bankruptcy and reorganization efforts from start to finish.